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Finding passions in life !!!

People disappoint me, relationship fail , emotionally challenged people and unpredictability of relationship is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

What can i be passionate about? i used to be passionate abt relationship, love and people . Too often i always ended up dissapointed bc they didn’t have same level of passions as i did .

Except w him. he was as addicted and as consumed as i was in our relationship. But it couldn’t last didn’t it . Even without the complications we have it wouldn’t last .

Bc nature of relationship between people and emotions is just unpredictable and changeable !! Now that he had move on and cut every contact w me, i am plunged into deep despairs and prolonged sense of unworthiness.

I am so over people and relationship!!!

So what can i be passionate abt? Me ? My self ? I don’t know. I really don’t . I can’t careless abt material objects, i am not attached and not passionate abt my work.

Can i get past this feeling of i am unworthy to be free and love myself !!

I want to be free of my attachment to people’s acceptance . I want to be able to feel connected and belong without having to rely on others people and nature of relationships.

-e- 2014